Our Services



Partial shipments - Groupage

Every day we transport a multitude of partial shipments nationwide and abroad in Europe so that our customers will enjoy the corresponding benefit. Making use of all relationships allows us to offer an extremely adaptable and inexpensive service to our customers.


Full shipments – FTL (Full Truck Load)

The FTL ('Full Truck Load') cargo forwarding service handles full shipments so that a single consignment will use up the entire capacity of the transport vehicle, but the goods must meet all legal requirements for a safe transportation (packaging, stacking, palletizing etc.),and those goods are picked up at one consignor and delivered to the consignee without transshipment. During transport, you may request the current status of your goods from us any time and for the possible arrival.


Transport of dangerous goods ADR

As ADR dangerous goods shipments out of which can pose risks to society, life and human health and animal health and public order and safety. Even when transported volumes are small, the risk of a major accident is real. Besides, the same transfer requires the movement of dangerous goods in a public space (road, port or airport) away from the controlled environment of an industrial facility. There are even cases, where an accident is not due to omissions in strict tonnage carried, but the usual dangers of traffic.
We transport dangerous cargoes ADR.
Our vehicles are fully equipped ADR and our drivers are trained and certified on the object.




In case that you should need a safe and well-monitored warehouse at short notice, we will be pleased to offer you space in our warehouses in Athens or in Thessaloniki. Both short-term and long-term storage are possible until goods are shipped to their exact destination in the area.


Whether papers for import or for export are involved, we will be pleased to all the customs formalities for you. This includes not only filling out papers but also passing the import or export inspections. That will help you to save valuable time while making sure that your customs documents will always comply with current legal regulations.



All our Trucks have ADR Equipment.