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Airbus urges EU to scrap biodiesel incentives for road transport

The EU should bin incentives for road-transport biodiesel or provide equal ones for the production of biokerosene used in airplanes, a senior Airbus executive has told EurActiv.


Greening logistics

The logistics sector (planning, organisation and execution of transport operations) is growing rapidly, in parallel with roughly 31% freight transport growth between 1995 and 2005. As the volume of world trade rises, the European Commission predicts a further 50% increase by 2020. Many companies rely heavily on planes, trains and ships or on fleets of cars, trucks and vans to run their businesses. Postal operators and express services, for example, often represent the largest vehicle fleets in a country and are particularly reliant on speedy, low-cost solutions. 


Forced modal shift from road to rail in Switzerland: the ultimate failure at a cost of CHF 25 billion

The IRU fully supports the conclusions of Swiss National Counselor, Jean-François Rime, regarding a forced modal shift, who stressed in a Tli editorial that transferring cargo traffic from road to rail across the Alps is an illusion. “The Swiss Federal Council recognised the failure of this legislation by adopting the report on modal shift for Alpine transit, last December, which highlights the missed intermediary objective of reducing traffic down to 1 million trucks by 2011.”


Wanted: world's best truck driver 2012

The 5th edition of the Scania Driver Competition, launched today in partnership with the IRU, is now open for registrations from young truck drivers. To date, more than 100,000 drivers of heavy trucks have participated in Scania Driver Competitions, making it the world’s largest truck driver competition and training event.

This year over 45.000 young drivers from 27 countries on five continents are expected to compete to become the world's best truck driver. National rounds and the final competition will include theoretical tests on road safety regulations, and practical tests on vehicle inspection, fuel-efficient driving and safe manoeuvring. The winner will be offered a brand new truck from Scania.