Transportation of dangerous goods ADR

Transportation of dangerous goods ADR

Transportation of dangerous goods ADR

We transport dangerous cargoes ADR.

As ADR dangerous goods shipments out of which can pose risks to society, life and human health and animal health and public order and safety.  Even when transported volumes are small, the risk of a major accident is real. Besides, the same transfer requires the movement of dangerous goods in a public space (road, port or airport) away from the controlled environment of an industrial facility. There are even cases, where an accident is not due to omissions in strict tonnage carried, but the usual dangers of traffic. 

Our vehicles are fully equipped ADR and our drivers are trained and certified on the object.

The European Code governing road transport is the “European Agreement of International Road Transport of Dangerous Goods ADR” and revisions. The agreement is known by the name of international ADR from the initials of the French words «Accord Dangereux Routier». Since 1999, the agreement, each two years examined developments in the technology of transport of dangerous goods (vehicles, equipment, dangerous substances and materials, packaging, environmental protection and workers) and made the appropriate changes. It is thus a “ living” tool that is continually evolving.

The purpose of this agreement is to ensure the safe transport of dangerous goods when they pass through one or more countries. If shipments meet the requirements of ADR, then you are exempt from compliance with the national legislation of States Parties.

Because of the multiplicity and complexity of rules, loading should be done under the supervision of qualified staff has been specially certified by the State. 

Pagidas Trans specializes in transport full and partial loads, transportation of dangerous goods ADR, carriage-controlled load temperature, transport of medicines, storage and customs clearance.



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